MEDIENMASSIV has many years of experience in a variety of disciplines in which we support our clients in the areas of strategy and identity. We are transformers who transfer data, texts, actions or processes into understandable models or representations (showing the connections at a glance).

Information design is defined as the art and science of preparing information so that it can be used by human beings with efficiency and effectiveness. (Robert E. Horn)

Our main focus is the development and elaboration of corporate designs (uniform appearance), branding (brand development), package design or information design for different areas and platforms.

In these environments, we design and process high-quality design constants such as colourfulness, typography, brands, language of form and imagery, which today are important characteristics of corporate and product communication and make a decisive contribution to success.

Cross-media thinking distinguishes us and our work. As in architecture, where a wide variety of trades influence the result and together form the finished building, we are information architects – consultants, strategic planners, transformers, partners and designers for your company and product communication.


  • Strategy development
  • Brand consulting
  • Brand analysis


  • Corporate Design
  • Design Services
  • Digital Design
  • Design analysis
  • Brand creation
  • Naming
  • Packaging Design

Special Service

  • Design Management
  • Content & Image Research
  • Art Buying
  • PowerPoint/Word Implementation